• Never Give Up on Love

    Inspirational jewelry can hold special meaning for the wearer. Never Give Up necklace is fashioned from rainbow tourmaline and silver, with a pink crystal ball and angel wing. Pink is the color of universal love, and tourmaline is a legendary gem said to acquire its color from passing through a rainbow.

  • Tasty Pleasures App

    Want some red hot love? Tasty Pleasures pairs 69 foreplay games with aphrodisiac raw food recipes for increased excitement and intimacy. Gift this APP via iTunes or download it and seduce your sweetheart all year long!

  • Maggie's Knee Highs

    Maggie's Knee High socks make your Whole leg comfy. Made in the USA from 67% - 84% fair trade organic cotton. 20% off for Whole Life readers thru May 2013 with code WHOLESOCKS on any 3 pairs of Knee Socks.

  • GiftPlayLove Movie Rentals

    GiftPlayLove is a movie-gifting service intended to share inspiration and love via videos. You can rent a short film for yourself or gift to a friend. A portion of proceeds benefits selected charities. The best gift is love!

  • Entelechy Designs Jewelry by Jennifer Rose Aronson

    Give the gift that heals. "Entelechy (en-tell-a-key): The innate knowing of one's being to become what it is meant to be." Inspired, infused and attuned with your own unique Spirit in perfect harmony. Custom-made jewelry just for you, both beautiful and profoundly healing.

  • iLuv Headphones

    Besides the intense listening experience, the new iLuv headphones are super at shutting out ambient noise. They're also ultimately portable, designed to work with most mobile devices, and ultimately adorable in red canvas for Valentine's Day.

  • Vegin' Out

    Vegin' Out is SoCal's premier vegan meal delivery service. It's the simple, affordable way to have a variety of delicious vegan meals conveniently delivered right to your home or office every week. Our dishes are all made with fresh, organic ingredients.

  • Inner Reflections 2013 Engagement Calendar

    Stunning nature photography is artfully matched with inspiring insights from the writings of yogi Paramahansa Yogananda in this award-winning calendar. An ideal spiritual gift for yourself or others!

  • Lip-Ink® Holiday Gift Kit Certificate

    (Gift recipient will have 10 personalized color choices!) Lip-Ink® International Guaranteed Smear-proof award winning botanical liquid Lip Color is tingly fresh with maximum hydration, sun protection, and is organic, vegan, kosher, and brought back from the future for your healthy lifestyle. Not ink, just the staying power of ink! $75 includes US shipping and taxes.

  • Learn how to survive and thrive in a natural disaster!

    Christopher Nyerges and the School of Self-reliance, classes in self-reliance, wild foods and survival since 1978. Gift certificates available.
    Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041, 626.791.3217.

  • Give the Gift of Health

    "Akasha Naturals is my go-to for supplements. The Immune Support turns away any sickness I feel coming on." ~Julia Roberts
    A blend of Ayurvedic and Asian herbs designed to promote immune function and assist the body when challenged with an infection.

  • The Holiday Spirit Is Talking to You

    This is the book you're looking for!
    Be inspired and mesmerized by the connections and wonders that surround you. Joan's gifted style will pull you into amazing true stories that show us infinite possibilities and lift us to a higher consciousness. $12 autographed copy, ships in 2 days, 888.774.3667.

  • Wonderweight

    Give the Gift of Health & Strength!
    Wonderweight's spinning action mobilizes the shoulder and forearm while also strengthening core muscles. For men and women with every lifestyle. Helps alleviate Carpal Tunnel and Frozen Shoulder pain too. Made in USA.
    $79 by phone, $89 online. 888.774.3667

  • Earth Prayer

    Give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Share the gift of forgiveness and love through the powerful, healing Earth Prayer CD, and help heal the earth with your gift. 50 percent of proceeds support non-profits protecting water sources around the globe.


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